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What is testing?

Testing is different from an examination An exam is when the examiner wants to know what you know. An exam is a pass or fail instrument. However, testing is part of a program of formative assessment, in which a student cannot fail, but it is like a check-up of what has been learned and what still needs to be learned. Testing helps the teacher create a program of future instruction for the student. The student needs to find out what his or her shortcomings are. For example, issues of anger, memory, confusion, nervousness, and so on. Also, what fears the student is facing become more apparent. So, testing encompasses physical, mental, as well as emotional status in order to guide the student.

Especially for children, the child’s parents are able to see how their son or daughter has benefitted from instruction in Tae Kwon Do. Additionally, the black belt instructors can learn what they need to do in order to further their ability to help the student. Really, true testing is done every time class is attended. It’s not just about a new belt

One of the most difficult things for a student to understand is that testing is more than getting a new rank and belt. While promotion is a result of testing, it actually creates a more challenging situation for everyone. A student must realize that he or she has obligations after testing. For example, more class attendance, working harder to perform better techniques, and having a new attitude. You are not just changing ranks or belts. You should change yourself.

If you only expect a belt, then you have had a really bad testing. As a student, you must be prepared to step up in your dedication to perform at a higher level, but not just physically. You should less expect a belt and more expect improvement of yourself. That is why we have rank numbers and belt colors. Anyone could actually have a white belt until time for black belt. But, where would the symbol of growth be?

Testing should be taken seriously

When you plan to test you should be prepared to stay for the duration of the testing events, as well as be supportive of your fellow students. I know that everyone has a unique way of growing. That is one reason we do not say you pass or fail. But we try to help you know what is next and how we can motivate you to grow at your own pace. We learn to fight so we know how to defend ourselves and help others. We all have an internal fight to become better.

So, the best testing you can have is to “DO YOUR BEST!” Even when you make a mistake, don’t be so worried or upset. There is great benefit for your future when you see where you need to improve. Our life is an everyday testing, trying to understand right from wrong and striving to act accordingly. What I truly want you to do in your life is think daily about who our “True Examiner” is.

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