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World Christian TKD Mission 10th Anniversary

Jesus is our true self defense.

This trip to Mexico and Guatemala (April 4 to April 12) is very special because it will be our 10th Anniversary. The World Christian Tae Kwon Do Mission is a decade old. First, we like to thank you to those who support us and who continue to pray for us. We want to ask everyone to help us by keeping us in your prayers. Our mission team includes: Grandmaster Seoung Eui Shin, Daniel Treviño from Monterrey, Mexico, Pastor Chonghyon Hong Park in Guatemala, Martin Heese from Texas, Linda Ayers, Karen Tidwell, Camilla Rowe, Miriam Cavnar, Brian Reaves, the Barron Family (Brenda, David, Ashley, Courtney) all from Tennessee. If you would like to join us on future missions, please contact us. We celebrate God's word and spread his good news to the world from 2008 to 2018.

2008-2017 World Christian Tae Kwon Do Mission

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